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InnovativeMotorWorks is the newly-established motorsports division of "Sound Innovations" in Carlisle, PA. Born from a passion for creating beautiful, yet performance-oriented automobiles, InnovativeMotorWorks sets out to raise the bar for EFI tuning facilities in the Northeast.

InnovativeMotorWorks specializes in Honda and Acura engine building, tuning, customization, and drivetrain swaps. All work performed by IMW takes place in the 1,800 square-foot shop, complete with a ten-thousand pound two-post lift and DynaPack Evolution chassis dyno. Be it a simple all motor street performer, or a full blown SFWD contender, IMW's staff is prepared to build the engine of your dreams, and make sure it runs smooth as glass for many good times to come.

Reliability, horsepower production, and the symbiotic relationship between the two are of the utmost importance to the staff of InnovativeMotorWorks. What good is a car with all the power in the world if it never gets to use it? Over the past decade, Central Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region in general have been plagued with shops posessing questionable business practice, and an even more questionable reputation for reliability. InnovativeMotorWorks is set out to break this status quo, and provide a stable, trustworthy environment for enthusiasts to walk away from completely satisfied in their decision to do business at IMW.

The chassis dyno at InnovativeMotorWorks once more is a DynaPack Evolution 3000 model that supports up to 3,000nM of actual torque with two-wheel drive vehicles (FWD/RWD). The DynaPack is unique from nearly every other chassis dynamometer on the market for many reasons. The first and foremost difference is the lack of "rollers." The large, weighted rollers of many other dynamometers tend to provide a "smoothing" of sort to the power readings. The DynaPack has no such rollers. Instead, the drive wheels of the vehicle being tested are removed, and replaced with special spline-driven hub adapters that are inserted into proprietary power absorbtion "pods." With the DynaPack, there is no need to strap down the car being tested, since the car cannot move forward, backward, or side-to-side when the drive wheels are removed and replaced with the pods. This makes for the absolute SAFEST operating dynamometer on the market, without rival.

Another major feature the DynaPack has over others on the market is the ability to control the load put on the engine. This means things like part throttle drive ability, throttle transitions, low-load, and high-load tuning can all be performed on the dyno, leaving the customer with a complete and thorough tune, unlike a DynoJet, in which only wide-open throttle tuning can be performed accurately.

InnovativeMotorWorks' staff has a combined twelve years of EFI tuning experience, and when coupled with the most advanced tuning tool on the market today (DynaPack), the work and customer support you can expect from IMW is top-notch.

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- IMW Staff